Sue Shuker



I was born in England and attended Northwich Art College in Cheshire, but realizing that teaching was not for me, and needing to contribute to the home, I began working in a bank which, surprisingly enough, I loved..

After emigrating to Canada in 1981 and raising 2 boys with my husband I began to rediscover my artistic roots and have enjoyed the last ten years in particular, experimenting with the wonderful world of acrylics and mixed media.

Now working out of the Stafford Studios, I am finding that I am creating more, using different techniques, and having a blast.


I believe that what we paint is a reflection of our own nature, so I’ve given up trying to fight it, and am learning to be satisfied knowing that what I create is my own personal art. When I’m painting, there is no me, no ego, no concerns for food to be prepared, clothes to be cleaned, phone calls to be made. The colour and the form become all-important, the only things of any consequence. My concentration is at its most complete, and it is both freeing and exhausting. I find that I look at objects in a different way, see things more uniquely, and everything I see is worthy of my time.


I cannot imagine not being an artist. It makes me look at things differently, see things more closely. Find beauty in the mundane, intricacy in close-up. The quest to manipulate a thought into a tangible thing, to stir discussion. I am fascinated with the qualities and movement of colour in various forms; paint, ink, wet pastel and so on. The intricate patterns that form are a constant source of joy to me. I enjoy the challenge of a new piece, to decide which techniques and mediums I will use to create the image that I have in my head.