My apologies. Journalling is obviously not for me, but that doesn't mean that I've not been active.

Lots of changes at the studio this year, and new series to start.



Friday December 9th

Well.. so much for good intentions.

There I was, all raring to go and with new ideas and techniques to use and I hurt my back. The days passed, the chiropractor bill grew, and I just got worse. Finally succumbed to all kinds of medications - including morphine - and after 3 weeks there was finally an improvement.

I've been to the studio a couple of times and spent a little time trying to complete a small piece to my satisfaction, and started a new one. All that time lying down gave me plenty of time to think and at least plan a few pieces. Now Christmas looms of course, so there's work to be done before that.

Our art group ( has a Christmas party tonight so I need to get baking soon!


Thursday November 10th

It's a crisp fall day and I need to get out there with my camera to capture the bright leaves before they're all gone. Blog's not exactly taking over here is it?

BAck with some energy (I hope) another day.


Tuesday 8th November 2011

A busy day...  I started early working on this website, trying to gather all the information about the work I'm showing here.

There's a lot more to do, but it's beginning to feel more personal now.

I hope I get some feedback. Positive feedback would be best of course!

Need to excercise soon, then stop into the studio for a while and work on a couple of small pieces. I have a commission that is taking many layers, but I should be there within the next few days.

This afternoon I have bowling then this evening is the OMMA membership meeting. Lots to do there too, as usual. Make sure I have membership cards, receipt book, list for name tags. The new D'OMMA gallery is having its official opening tonight too. What a great space it is. I've taken 2 of my largest pieces, Falling Down and Norwegian Wood, to help fill the walls. We're then having a presentation on Copyright by a lawyer, something important as we're almost all in need of guidance.

Oh... link to the OMMA site is


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