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Born in England, I attended Northwich Art College in Cheshire but, realizing that teaching was not for me, I began working in a bank which, surprisingly enough, I loved. After emigrating to Canada in 1981 I began to rediscover my artistic roots and have enjoyed the last 19 years in particular, experimenting with the wonderful world of acrylics and mixed media. I am an inaugural member of the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists, (OMMA) and happy to be a member of WCAS and NFAL I work out of The Stafford Studios in Bells Corners, West Ottawa. I have painted and exhibited extensively over the past 15 years; in group shows, juried and open; in galleries in Ottawa; indoor and outdoor art events and at Stafford Studios and have been fortunate to receive several awards for my work. I also have sent artwork to customers in Britain and the US. Though I call myself a mixed media artist I feel that I am possibly more experimental in my nature. I have several styles of work which, though each new series uses different techniques, colours and content, are apparently still recognizably by those who know my work.